Best In Purbeck Awards 2019

Best In Purbeck Awards

 Rewarding Excellence Throughout Purbeck


Keeping it well and truly PURBECK this year, please give your vote to your favourite organisation in each category. 

Categories include  

  • Best Purbeck Blogger
  • Best Purbeck Place to Eat
  • Best Purbeck Attraction
  • Best Purbeck Event 
  • Best Purbeck Produce.
  • Customer Service Hero

The winners will be announced towards the end of the year in a grand awards celebration!

For 2019, Best Purbeck Event will be judged 50% by poll and 50% by independent mystery shoppers!

Check out our event held for Best In Purbeck Awards 2017

The Best In Purbeck Awards is sponsored by Dorset Cottage Holidays,                                              self catering holiday homes across Purbeck and Dorset.