What has been your level of instruction/history of taking classes?

Did you begin in a ballet program or did you simply take a class and move gradually into the professional study of ballet/dance? Were there any special circumstances which motivated you to continue ballet? Were you in danger/risk? Was ballet an avocation, something which became a discipline for you over time? Were parents, other teachers or other people responsible for encouraging you in ballet? How motivated were you? Can you remember what made you return continually over time? Did you have difficulty in paying for classes or getting to and from classes? What particular obstacles possibly conjoined to make ballet a priority in your life, when you knew you had to continue dancing-this is what you wanted to do? Were there times when you were forced to stop the training or pursuit of it, were called away or had to make additional sacrifices to continue ballet? What were these things? What did you do to make room for ballet or do to perpetuate your study? Did you keep track of your progress? What were your benchmarks in ballet? Do you remember when your knowledge and ability were of a certain level that you said, "I am a ballet dancer, no turning back now?" What made you perservere and continue despite these setbacks or obstacles? Were your particular teachers encouraging or discouraging? How? Do you have a bottom line in ballet, such as, "If I were not able to do BLANK, I would not have continued? Over time, were many of your doubts about ballet overturned? Was correct information supplied, in the form of encouragement, truths, or vacating of established fallacies about ballet, instrumental in your continuance of the serious study of ballet to become a professional dancer? Did you feel pressured in ballet, by teachers, other students or parents, and what personal details are you willing to share about these psychological experiences and frustrations? Were you able to overcome them and to develop a positive attitude about your own particular abilities and potential in ballet or were your encouragements external? Do you still feel these pressures and doubts occassionally today? Do you participate in chats, answer questions, or try to encourage others to pursue a ballet or dance education despite discouragements and possible objectionable body types, race, income, or are you fairly competitive about the professional aspects of ballet (keeping information to yourself)? Do you believe in sharing your knowledge and experiences in ballet or are you still building confidence and trying to find your place in the ballet world, beleiving that closing off information to other people, or extending it with reservations, increases your chances of success?