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How Leveraged is Your Business

Are you working harder than you'd like?

Wondering how to get that perfect work-life balance you dreamed of when you started your business?

Are you currently struggling for more work or stressed and want to work less?

Let's first work out your ***Leverage Number***

Your Leverage Number is the No. HOURS you work a week (billed + non-billed hours) DIVIDED by the no. hours you ideally WANT to work a week (so you have time for living and doing the things aside from your business that make you happy!)

My L number is 1.0 right now, but can be lower or higher depending on whether I'm leaning in or leaning back in my business.

It's a bit like the R number we all know about now. Anything less than 1.0 and you're doing great in terms of leveraged work-life balance.

But sometimes we do need to be mega productive to meet deadlines or when building a new product, team or system. So it's normal in business that our L number can be high for a while too.

Still, if you push too hard too long, your productivity actually declines and your L number increases to an unhealthy level.

E.g. 1.0 - 1.5 says you're in a productivity zone but go over 2.0 and you'll soon be feeling the strain if you keep that up! Less than 0.5 and you're either struggling to find clients or semi-retired :-)

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