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Totally Locally "Fiver Fest" in Leighton Buzzard - Quick BUSINESS/CUSTOMER Survey

This poll has TEN simple quick 'Yes/No/Don't Know' questions FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY about the recent Totally Locally "Fiver Fest" organised in Leighton Buzzard. For 2 weeks in October 2020 (from 10th to 24th) over 45 local businesses advertised £5 spending offers in their businesses to encourage local people to support local shops, businesses and services and support our local economy. This is part of an ongoing grassroots campaign that also happened concurrently in 130 towns nationwide to support local independent businesses.

This poll will help decide if the campaign was worthwhile and if the local community in Leighton Buzzard should run "Fiver Fest" again (and hopefully encourage even more businesses to take part and gain more interest in the campaign). This can only be done if you say what you think and indicate what you think the impact of Fiver Fest is to your business and the town. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR FEEDBACK!!

To find out more about Totally Locally and follow our further activities, see: